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Mini Clown Fish Hair Claw

Sale price$34.00 AUD

Brand new to Claws For Change, our Baby clown fish is crafted in pearlescent orange and white, this stunning hair claw clip is designed to look beautiful in your hair and reliably hold it in a range of different styles and looks.

Remind yourself how lucky we are to share the planet with these beautiful little fish and show off to the world your love for marine life (and Disney).

By choosing this claw you become an advocate for change. $5 from every sale of this gorgeous hair claw is donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, to support their efforts in safeguarding marine life, Organisations like the AMCS work tirelessly to protect marine habitats and preserve the diversity of aquatic life. With your contribution, you're helping to ensure the survival and well-being of not just clown fish, but countless other species that rely on healthy ocean ecosystems.

This claw is perfect for:
• A half up half down style for shorter/thinner hair type
• Accents and styling (e.g. holding pig-tails and side plaits)
• Kids and Toddlers

Product specs:
• Colour - Pearlescent Orange and White
• Length - 8cm / 3 in
• Width - 3cm / 1.5 in

Mini Clown Fish Hair Claw
Mini Clown Fish Hair Claw Sale price$34.00 AUD